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Altai spring

Dates: 5-11 May 2019
(per person)
640 €
Type:auto, hiking
Includes:all transfers, all accommodations (hotels, lodges), permits
Excludes:visa issues, flights, meals in cafe
Length: 900km by auto, 40km on foot
Start from Barnaul

Altai republic is must-visit destination in southern Siberia on border of Russia, Mongolia and Kazahstan.

Features: seasonal forest, taiga (coniferous forest), mountains, steppes, glaciers.

day description km
1 Barnaul - Elanda village
Meeting in Barnaul. Transfer to Elanda village. Plain landscapes are changing to hills toward Altai republic. Then mountains are emerging covered with coniferous forest. Nice view to Katun river which color is varied from grey to blue-green.
Accommodation: lodge
2 Elanda - Tuekta
Driving along Chuyskiy trakt (main road of Altai). We will cross Seminskiy pass (1700m). Hiking around in siberian pine forest combined with shrubs of dwarf birch trees. There is a small souvenirs market with local goods at Seminskiy pass.
Accommodation: lodge in Tuekta village
3 Tuekta village - Kochevnik lodges
Today we will continue our trip along Chuensis road to Chibit village. Kochevnik lodge is located just near Chibit at Chuya river.
Accommodation: lodge
4 Kochevnik lodge - Maashey valley
Day hike to Maashey river valley. Magnificient view to white-covered mountains combined with yellow forest.
Accommodation: lodge
5 Driving to Kyzyl Chin valley, hiking Kyzyl means "red". This valley is very colorful due to red and yellow clay. Some people told it's looks like Mars.
Accommodation: lodge (in Kosh-Agach)
6 Kosh-Agach - Tuekta
Returning back at Chuensis road
Accommodation: lodge
7 Tueka - Barnaul
Return along main road
Accommodation: hotel


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