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Altai trekking. North-Chuensis ridge.

Dates: 16-26 June 2021
(per person)
650 €
Includes:all transfers during the tour
meals during hiking
all permits and passes
one night in lodge after trekking
banya after trekking
horse support for food and tents
Excludes:visa fees
accommodation in Barnaul
renting of personal equipment
travel insurance
drinks and extra charges in hotels
cafe and personal expenses in city and on the road
Length: 900km by car, 100km on foot
Start from Barnaul

Altai trekking tour. North-Chuensis.

Altai is a pearl of Siberia, one of the most beautiful and scenic places in Russia. One told trekking in Altai is impressive as trekking in Himalaya. Majestic snow-capped mountains rise above green valleys of Chuya river.

During this tour we will see variety of landscapes: steppes, forests, mountains, glaciers and lakes.

We will meet in Barnaul, then we will drive along Chuensis road to Chibit village. Picturesque surroundings changes from woodland scenery to mongolia-like deserted mountains. Chibit is a small village lost in the hills.

Pictures of Altai trekking are available here:
trekking 2019
trekking 2018

Please note, personal stuff will be carried in backpacks. Food and tents will be carried by horses. Participants have to be able to walk to 7 hours per day, sometimes on uneven terrain.

Cooking on fire, participants are taken to be involved into process - gathering woods, carrying water for cooking.

List of equipment
- backpack, warm sleeping bag (with extreme temperature to -15 celsius), sleeping pad
(warm sleeping bag, sleeping mat and backpack can be rented, if you write us in advance).
- trekking shoes, light shoes for river wading and day's rest
- rain jacket, pants, fleece pullover, thermal underwear, socks (2 pairs of cotton and 1 pairs of warm trekking socks), cap, raincoat
- the dishes (mug, spoon, bowl and knife)
- forehead lamp
- matches, personal first-aid kit, dental paste with tooth brush, tissue

day description km
1 Transfer Barnaul - Kuray (600km)
2 Transfer 4WD Kuray - Lake Dzhangyskol with beautiful view to glaciers of North-Chuensis ridge. Lake is located at 1750m height above sea level.
3 Lake Dzhangyskol - Maashey valley.
4 Maashey - Karakabak. Climbing up to Karakabak valley. Scenic place with many brooklets with a view to Black rocks. Karakabak means Black Eyebrow.
5 Day hike to Karakabak lake.
6 Karakabak - Oroy pass. We will climb to plateau and hike to Oroy pass. Local people sell fresh milk goods here. View to Kurai ridge.
7 Oroy pass - lake on plateau. Hike on plateau with wet ground to mountain lake.
8 Day hike
9 lake on plateau - Sargaldjuk river.
10 Sargaldjuk river - Ak-Bom village.
11 Transfer Ak-Bom - Barnaul.


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