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Baikal hiking on Olkhon island

Dates: 24-28 November 2021
(per person)
420 €
accommodation in guesthouse at Olkhon island
one night in Irkutsk hotel
guide service
national park permit
Excludes:visa fees
meals in cafes and restaraunts
Length: 500km by auto, 20km on foot
Start from Irkutsk

There are 26 islangs on Baikal lake, and Olkhon is biggest. Length is about 71km, maximum width is 15km. Olkhon is geographical, historical and sacred centre of Baikal. There is low and smooth shore at western side of Olkhon and steep rocks from eastern side. Khuzhyr village is main settlement on Olkhon.
Points of interest - Shamanka rock and Burkhan cape just near Khuzhyr. There are special pillars where shamans do their ceremonies.

Baikal ice freeze in late December and melt in May. Usually it is warm in winter time and cool in summer. Air is dry that is why there is almost no snow.

List of equipment
- trekking shoes with warm socks
- warm clothes (temperature can be to -20 celsius)
- the dishes (mug, spoon, bowl and knife)
- personal first-aid kit, dental paste with tooth brush, tissue

day description km
1 day 1. 24th November. Transfer to Olkhon island (6 hours). Accommodation in guesthouse in Khuzyr village.
2 day 2. 25th November. Hiking around Khuzhyr, visiting Shamanka rock and Cape Burkhan, sacred place of Buryat shamans. Accommodation in guesthouse.
3 day 3. 26th November. Hiking to Kharanzy cape with a nice view to part of Baikal called Maloe more (Small sea). We will pass sandy areas and pine tree forest. Accommodation in guesthouse.
4 day 4. 27th November. Transfer to Cape Hoboi, northern point of Olkhon island. Accommodation in guesthouse.
5 day 5. 28th November. Transfer to Irkutsk. Accommodation in hotel.


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