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Baikal ice tour

Dates: 17-23 March 2019
(per person)
520 €
Type:ice skating, hiking
Includes:- transfer from Irkutsk to Olkhon and back
- accommodation in Olkhon island, one night in hotel in Irkutsk
- meals in Olkhon island
Excludes:- meals in cafes,
- visa fees,
- flights/train to Irkutsk
Start from Irkutsk

We will do ice skating on surface of Baikal lake, deepest lake in the world and biggest reservoir of fresh water. Our activity will include hiking and ice skating (few hours a day) with accommodation in guesthouse.

List of equipment
warm clothes,
ice skates (recommended, but not neccessary)

day description km
1 17 March. Transfer Irkutsk - Khuzhyr village on Olkhon island (6 hours). Accommodation: guesthouse.
2 18 March. Visiting Shamanka rock and Cape Burkhan, sacred place for shamans close to Khuzhyr. Accommodation: guesthouse.
3 19 March. Hiking, ice skating near Khuzhyr. Accommodation: guesthouse.
4 20 March. Hiking, ice skating near Harantsy (small village 7 km from Khuzhyr). Accommodation: guesthouse.
5 21 March. Transfer to Cape Hoboy (means Fang), northern point of Olkhon island (60km). It is very picturesque place with steep slopes. Hiking, returning to Khuzhyr. Accommodation: guesthouse.
6 22 March. Hiking, ice skating near Khuzhyr Accommodation: guesthouse.
7 23 March. Transfer from Olkhon to Irkutsk. Accommodation: hotel.


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