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Backcountry ski in Siberia

Dates: 2-10 March 2019
(per person)
750 €
Type:backcountry skiing
Includes:all transfers,
1 night in hotel in Tomsk,
2 nights in hotel in Mezhdurechensk
accommodation in hut,
meals in hut,
banya in hut
Excludes:visa fees,
meals in cafe,
Length: 30
Start from Tomsk

Many people think about siberian winter as cold and dark. Nevertheless it is very beautiful. We're going to arrange winter tour to mountains of Kuznetsk Alatau in Southern Siberia on border of Kemerovo region and Khakassia republic.

Main purpose is backcountry skiing in powder snow. Slopes are moderate covered with trees. Height differences are 500-700 meters.
Avalanche danger is low, tough we highly recommend to take avalanche rescue detector, shovel and probe.

Temperatures are vary from -10 to -30. Last winter was quite mild with temperature about -10..-15.

Hut is equipped with heating stove, table, gas stove. There is a banya as well. Other facilities are very simple.

If you are not skier/border you can try snowshoeing. It is easy, fun and calm outdoor activity.

Backcountry in March 2017

Backcountry in March 2016

List of equipment
ski clothes: thermal underwear, fleece, ski jacket, ski pants,
skis or snowboard,
avalanche safety gear (beacon, shovel, probe),
ski goggles,
first-aid kit,
multi-tool or repair kit

day description km
1 2 March. Transfer from Tomsk to Mezhdurechensk (500km). Accommodation in hotel.
2 3 March. Departure at 7.30 to Luzhba by local train. Arrival at 9.20, hike to hut. Beginning of backcountry. Accommodation: hut.
3 4 March. Backcountry skiing / snowboard. Accommodation: hut.
4 5 March. Backcountry skiing / snowboarding. Accommodation: hut.
5 6 March. Backcountry skiing / snowboard . Accommodation: hut.
6 7 March. Backcountry skiing / snowboard. Accommodation: hut.
7 8 March. Backcountry skiing / snowboard. Accommodation: hut.
8 9 March. Descent to Luzhba station. Departure at 15.00 to Mezhdurechensk by train. Accommodation in hotel.
9 10 March. Transfer to Tomsk (500km)


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