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Mountain ski for beginners, Sheregesh ski resort

Dates: 23 - 30 December 2018
(per person)
540 €
Includes:accommodation in Sheregesh (apartment)
transfer from Tomsk to Sheregesh and back
ski passes
ski instructor (2 hours per day)
meals at apartment
renting of ski/snowboard equipment
Excludes:meals in cafes
Start from Tomsk

Mountain (alpine) skiing is great outdoor activity. It is good fitness, nice scenery and fun.

If you are new to mountain ski and want to explore winter outdoor activity, we are ready to meet you with exciting world of mountain skiing in Siberia.

Sheregesh is small ski resort located in Southern Siberia, Kemerovo region. It became famous due to good snow condition. Ski season last from November to April. There is nice powder snow allowing off-piste skiing.

There are several chair and gondola lifts. Max length of ski run is 3600m. Main point is Zelenaya mountain with altitude 1270m. Level difference is 600m. Backcountry is possible with snowmobile support or on foot.

There are three main sectors in Sheregesh with different runs. Longest one called Sector E.

Average temperatures in November vary from -5 to -15, day light time is 8 am..4pm. Price for ski rental is 600-1000rub per day.

There are two types of accommodation in Sheregesh. First is hotel near the mountain, second is apartment in Sheregesh village.

Big map with runs

List of equipment
ski clothes
ski equipment can be rented in Sheregesh

day description km
1 Meeting in Tomsk, transfer to Sheregesh (600km)
2 Acquaintance with skiing equipment, runs schema, ski lifts.
3 Skiing
4 Skiing
5 Skiing
6 Skiing
7 Departure to Tomsk.


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