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Altai trekking in July to Shavla lake

Dates: 3 - 13 July 2017
(per person)
620 €
Includes:all transfers during the tour
meals during hiking
all permits and passes
one night in lodge after trekking
banya after trekking
horse support for food and tents
Excludes:visa fees
accommodation in Gorno-Altaysk
renting of personal equipment
travel insurance
drinks and extra charges in hotels
cafe and personal expenses in city and on the road
Length: 700km by car, 100km on foot
Start from Gorno-Altaysk
level: moderate (trekking experience needed)

Altai trekking tour to Shavla and Maashey valleys.

Altai is a pearl of Siberia, one of the most beautiful and scenic places in Russia. One told trekking in Altai is impressive as trekking in Himalaya. Majestic snow-capped mountains rise above green valleys of Chuya river.

During this tour we will see variety of landscapes: steppes, forests, mountains, glaciers and lakes.

We will meet in Gorno-Altaysk, then we will drive along Chuensis road to Chibit village. Picturesque surroundings changes from woodland scenery to mongolia-like deserted mountains. Chibit is a small village lost in the hills.

Pictures of Altai trekking are available here:
trekking 2016

Please note, personal stuff will be carried in backpacks. Food and tents will be carried by horses. Participants have to be able to walk to 7 hours per day, sometimes on uneven terrain.

Cooking on fire, participants are taken to be involved into process - gathering woods, carrying water for cooking.

List of equipment
- backpack, warm sleeping bag (with extreme temperature to -15 celsius), sleeping pad
(warm sleeping bag, sleeping mat and backpack can be rented, if you write us in advance).
- trekking shoes, light shoes for river wading and day's rest
- rain jacket, pants, fleece pullover, thermal underwear, socks (2 pairs of cotton and 1 pairs of warm trekking socks), cap, raincoat
- the dishes (mug, spoon, bowl and knife)
- forehead lamp
- matches, personal first-aid kit, dental paste with tooth brush, tissue

day description km
1 3rd July. Transfer Gorno-Altaysk - Chibit with russian van GAZel. We will pass through two passes - Seminskiy and Chike-Taman. View to confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers. We will arrive in the evening to Chibit, small village in the mountains. Accommodation in tent close to Chuya river. 350
2 4th July. Start of trekking. Path goes up with impressive view to Chibit and Chuya river, crossing Chuya by bridge. Then we will go up valley of Oroy. Elevation is about 800m. Overnight at Oroy pass with view to Kurayskiy mountain range. 12
3 5th July. Oroy brooklet - Oroy pass - Yeshtykkel highland-Shabaga river.
Hiking over the highland, descent to Shabaga river. Camp at Shavla river.
4 6th July. Reaching Shavla lakes. There are two lakes, big one and small one. Big Shavle lake has intense turquoise color. Beautiful view to glaciers and mountains. 16
5 7th July. Hiking to glaciers. Terrain is uneven and you have to go carefully. There are ibexes sometimes in that place. Impressive view from top to Shavla lake. 17
6 8th July. Return to Shabaga river. Hiking in the valley of coniferous trees. 10
7 9th July. Ascend to highland, walking on plateau, descent to Karakabak valley. This valley is closed by moraine. 15
8 10th July. Day hike to glaciers up to valley. 12
9 11th July. Descent to Maashey valley, views to glaciers of Karagem-bashi mountain and Maashey-bashi. Overnight at Chuya river. 15
10 12th July. Hiking to Chibit. Accommodation in lodge. 350
11 13th July. Transfer to Gorno-Altaysk.


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