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Common information

What documents are required to receive a Russian visa?

Usually the documents consist of: your original passport, 1-2 passport photos, 1-2 Russian visa application forms and the visa invitation (voucher).
We recommend to use online service

How can I book a tour?

Send us an inquiry with some information about you: name, country, age and hiking experience. 50% deposit is required for reserving a place.

What is best time to go to Russia?

It is not always cold in Russia. The climate depends on the region. Siberia has cold winter (up to -30..-40 celsius) and hot summer (up to +30..+35).
The western part of Russia has got temperate climate, year temperature vary from -20 in winter to +30 in summer.
Usually, snow melt in period Mart-April, so May is green month, when tiny leaves and grass start to grow. In Siberia and Far East ticks also appear in May.
July and August are hottest time in Russia. Average temperature is +20..+30. Summer trekking and camping routes are available during this period.
September- mid October is nice time too when trees are yellow and red.
November is cold month when trees are naked, but snow doesn't cover the ground. The temperature is about 0..-5 celsius. December - Mart is winter.

Trekking and camping

How difficult are the treks?

All treks require some physical fitness depending on a route. You have to be able to do 10-15km hikes every day.

How large will our group be?

As usual there is no more than ten participans, so atmoshere in group is always cozy and comfortable.

What is the weather like in summer in mountains?

The climate is continental, temparature per day can reach +30°, at night about 0..+5°. The weather can change very quickly during the day. It can snow in early June or late August.

What's about mosquitoes, snakes and bears?

You hardly can meet the bear. There are some mosquitoes in June, so please take repellent. There are almost no snakes in trekking areas.

What stuff should I take for hiking?

comfortable backpack
with cape from rain
Wored boots

Shoes for camping and river wading
Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad
Thermal underwear

Wind and rain jacket

Wind and rain pants

Fleece jacket

Fleece pants



socks (2 pairs of cotton and 1 pairs of wool), cap, raincoat
the dishes (mug, spoon, bowl and knife).
matches, thread with needles, personal first-aid kit, dental paste with tooth brush, tissue.

You can rent backpack, speeping bag and pad if neccesary.

What is the source of drinking water?

There are streams with clean water, good enough for drinking without boiling

I don't eat meat

It is ok. We add beaf or fish in the end of cooking. If you don't eat beaf, just take a portion before adding.

What type of food is provided on trek?

Standart menu is corns (buckweat, rice, millet, pearl barley), noodles, peas. Also we take chokolate, dry fruits, cookies, dry bread. Please note, participants help cook during the trek.

Do we need to bring sunscreen lotion and sun glasses?

It's up to you. It can be useful at glaciers.

Any opportunity to bath during the trek?

In some areas. There is a banya at Shavla lake in Altai trekking.

Do you provide toilet tents at campsites?

We don't provide toilet tents

How many persons to a tent?

We use two or three persons tents.

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