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Trekking to Altai. Shavla lakes and Maashey valley 2015

We left Barnaul at 7 am and it took whole day to reach Chibit in Altai mountains. Chibit is small village living on Chuya river. We got out of car in the dark and set up a camp.

In the morning we met our horseman with son. They were accompanied with two dogs and five horses. Temperature was hot, about +30 celsius. Climbing up to Oroy valley was tiresome. In late evening we reached plateau and camped with nice view to Kurayskiy mountain ridge.

Next day we left campsite and went through highland called Yeshtikel. There was a small brooklet streaming down the valley of Shabaga. We did a short break at brooklet and continued our journey.

Hike into the valley of Shabaga river was not an easy walk. We did short ascent and descent many times. In the evening we stand at Shavla river. Water was milk-white color because of minerals and sand.

Next day we went up along Shavla river to lake. At first glimpse it is always impressive. White peaks are reflected into the blue mirror of Shavla lake

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