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Trekking Tuva - Khakassia 2015

Pictures and text by Osip Mikunis. 

The trail has been in fact seen on the old Soviet map from 1960s, but it has been overgrown since smile emoticon We have been following animal trails and have seen a lot of their presence in the wild. We have even seen a kabarga (Siberian musk deer) in the forest. This hike through the forest has been nothing less than magic: lots of blue, black and red berries and mushrooms around as well as strong scent of "bagulnik" plant which I first mistakenly thought to be the deo smell from my fellows smile emoticon A The ascent through this true "Enchanted Forest" has been rather steep, so we picked the berries and filled our mouths with them on the fly. We have even found one "golden root" plant (Rhodiola rosea) known to be the source of "magic drink" to help to cope with the fatigue on the route. 
But the most helpful has been the true feeling of support from my fellow travellers from Madrid, Sydney, Moscow and Tomsk which quickly turned into a warm friendship.

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