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Trekking to Altai. Belukha mountain 2016.

Trip review
Glenn Morris, New Zealand

«Firstly after so many overseas hikes I must say this one was certainly unique and at the top of the enjoyment status.

I am still amazed how nice everyone worked together enjoying their own experience of the wild Siberian wilderness.

I loved sharing the experience with such a huge age, hiking experience, culture, nationality and background diversity. Despite these differences it enhanced our fun together rather than making it an obstacle.

I learned and experienced a new Russian word “banya” that will stay with me for a while. I now know five Russian words!

The food was well chosen for providing the energy needed to zoom up the hills and send us off to sleep at night. When I compare it with the menus on many other trips I can see it was chosen by hikers for hikers.

I did admire the cheerful banter along the way listening and participating with interest when possible to fun conversations that always seems to pop up. »

Climbing up to Karatyurek pass

Trekking to Belukha area in August 2016. Participants from New Zealand, Columbia, USA, Germany and Denmark gathered in Barnaul and then went to Tyungur village. We were lucky enough to had a good weather mostly, and we could enjoy viewing distant ranges from the top

Campsite at Tukman stream, second day of hiking

On the ridge

Close to Tekelyu river with view to Belukha

Light in the dark

Akkem lake

Kucherla lake

Kucherla lake

Akkem wall, Belukha mountain

Hiking up to Karatyurek pass

View from Karatyurek pass to Kucherla valley

Descent from Karatyurek pass

View to Karatyurek pass

Kucherla river valley

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