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Trip to Altai in May 2017

Bike trip to Altai mountains

We reached border of Russia and Mongolia, did a short hike to valley of Chuya river and explored beauty of Altai in spring season. Traveling by motorbike is new and very interesting experience for us. Main road of Altai is Chuiyskiy trakt features as low-traffic high quality road with picturesque landscapes. There are two passes on the way with heights of 2100m and 1400m. Most beautiful part of this road lies after Aktash valley. You can see snow-capped mountains just near the road. May is nice period of blooming rhododendrons colouring slopes in purple tones.

Evening in Altai mountains. View to North-Chuensis mountain ridge.

Chuya river with background of blossoming rhododendrons.

Our vehicles

Kurai ridge

View from Chike-Taman pass

Confluens of rivers Chuya and Katun
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