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Trekking to Kamchatka, around Tolbachik volcano. September 2017.

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Kamchatka is truly special place, located on the edge of Russia. There are several groups of volcanoes, most impressive is northern group. Highest point is Klyuchevskata Sopka 4750m.
There are several volcanoes with height more than 4000m. Tolbachik volcano is famous by recent activity. There was big eruption in 2012-2013.

Hikers are standing in front of Kamen volcano

Our team and volcanoes in the background (Kamen and Bezymyanniy)

Volcanoes Kamen and Bezymyanniy

Brown bear. Autumn is good time for bears in Kamchatka allowing them to feed on salmon and berries.

Mother bear with two cubs

Lenticular clouds on top of Tolbachik volcano

Arctic ground squirrel

Kamen volcano in the front, Klyuchevskaya in the background

Sunset in the mountains

View from campsite Mars field to Krestovkiy volcano

Campsite Mars field

Eruption of Klyuchevskaya volcano

View to Ploskiy Tolbachik volcano

Krestovskiy volcano in the clouds

Tolbachik volcano

Running wolverine

Active crater of Tolbachik volcano

Lava of 2012 eruption

Lava fields of Tolbachik

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