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    Siberia is the name given to the vast region constituting almost all of Northern Asia and for the most part currently serving as the massive central and eastern portion of the Russian Federation. Geographically, it includes a large part of the Eurasian Steppe and extends eastward from the Ural Mountains to the watershed between Pacific and Arctic drainage basins.


Baikal lake

Deepest lake on Earth and largest reservior of fresh water as well.
Great number of endemic species live here, as Arctic cisco and Baikal seal
Ergaki nature park

Picturesque rocks, waterfalls and lakes. Hanging Stone and Parabola mountain are world-known attractions
Krasnoyarsk stolby

Also known as Rock Pillars. Nice place to walking and climbing just near Krasnoyarsk


Gorny Altai republic

Altai is of the most attractive region of Russia with fast rivers, blue lakes and high mountains.
Krasnoyarsk krai

One of the largest region in Siberia.
Khakassia republic

Republic is known by different beautiful scenery and healthy salt lakes.
Tuva (Tyva) republic

Republic is known by the throat singers and beautiful scenery.
Kemerovo region

Kemerovo region is not only mining area but nice place for rafters and backpackers as well.
Tomsk region

Tomsk region is realm of coniferous forests and swamps.

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