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Welcome to Siberia!

We invite you to visit the largest country with stunning landscapes.

Why travel with us?

  • It's fun! We endeavour to arrange our trips as fun and interesting adventure.
  • It's safe. We know the country and we're making an effort to ensure your safety.
  • It's unique. Most of our trips are located in crowd-free places.
  • It's affordable. We organise our tours by ourselves.

If suggested dates are not suitable for you, we can organise holiday package appropriate for your conditions. Every year we expand area of our trips.

Our mission is to provide breathtaking tours to Siberia, available to all people from over the world!

Geography of our customers: Switzerland, UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Zimbabwe, USA, Russia.

Siberia Trekking
deep into the wilderness..2011
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29 August, 2014
We've returned from expedition to East Sayan mountains near Baikal lake (Munku-Sardyk and Tunkinskie golcy). It's an area on border of Buryatia and Mongolia

27 August, 2014
I would like to thank all our participants of trekkings 2014. You are all great and you are more than welcome to return next time :)
June trekking to Kuznetsk Alatau was finished successfully. Pictures from trekking.
18 May, 2014
We are glad to announce trekking to Altai 10-21 August
Trekking to Altai
17 April, 2014
Photographs of West Sayan in winter.
Trekking to West Sayan in winter
26 September, 2013
Wildlife photography by Evgeny Karachakov in Indian Himalayas, Hemis National park, India.
Trekking to Indian Himalaya

Trekking to West Sayan mountains, Posarym lake, Khakassia. Photographs of Danil Barashkov.
Trekking to West Sayan

Trekking to Altai mountains, Shavla lakes.
Trekking to Altai
18 July, 2013
We invite you to take a part into tour to West Sayan mountains leading by Danil Barashkov, 4 - 15 Aug 2013

Trekking tours to Ergaki mountains are successfully finished.
Ergaki June 2013

Ergaki July 2013
15 May, 2013
August trekking tour to Altai mountains is fully booked.
There are photographs from short climbing trip to Krasnoyarsk Stolby. Trekking to Ergaki has been released.
25 April, 2013
Collection of FullHD Wallpapers from siberiatrekking.
Siberia trekking wallpapers
15 Mart, 2013
One more Slideshow with pictures of 2012 trekking tours created by Danil Barashkov.
11 February, 2013
Slideshow with pictures of 2012 trekking tours (Kuznetsk Alatau and Ergaki).
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8 February, 2013

Summer tours have been announced! Trekking tour to little-known area of West Sayan. Border of Khakassia and Tuva.

Trekking to Altai 2013.

Altai is called as Pearl of Russia. We invite you to see this destination by first-hand.
24 January, 2012

We invite you to take a part into exciting adventure to Southern Siberia. June is most impressive time for visiting mountains of Siberia. Blossoming flowers and snowfields form magnificent scenery.
28 August, 2012

The summer is over!

Time to summarize summer activity. Spring came to Siberia very early and June was hot.

21 May, 2012

There are pictures of Sayan-Altai nature taken by Danil Barashkov

Siberia pictures
10 May, 2012

We are glad to introduce you with interactive map of trekking tours 2012

Tours summer 2012
15 Mart, 2012

We've completed development of our tours for summer 2012. In July I'm going to organise trekking tour to West Sayan mountains, place called Ergaki nature park. It's famous destination for travellers in Southern Siberia. Also it's a great choice for beginners in trekking. The planned route isn't linear with possibilities to visit . Against wishes basic part of climbing school can be organised.

August is a time for deep tourism. We will spend two weeks into wilderness of West Sayan mountains at border of Khakassia and Tuva.

Our customers in 2009-2011
Geography of our customers in 2009-2011
14 December, 2011

Dear backpackers, hikers and all travellers. I'm happy to announce news about our summer tours. Trekking tours to Kuznetsk Alatau and Baikal lake are already placed on website. It's cold winter now in Siberia, but it's time to plan summer holidays. These destinations are really worth to visit.

Kuznetsk Alatau is small mountain area between Khakassia republic and Kemerovo region. This place is famous by sharp-toothed summits and wide mountain valleys. One of them called Golden Valley, surrounded by sheer slopes. Unruffled surface of lakes reflect rocks and sky. First time I visited Golden Valley two years ago, and you can read my story about that. We saw bears, fields of blooming globeflowers and lots of snow. I think June is best month for visiting Kuznetsk Alatau. None of ticks were noticed.

Baikal is world-known destination. Trekking tour to Olkhon island is one of most spectacular routes at Baikal. Valery Bely is a leader of Olkhon trekking tour. He has great experience in organisation trekking tours and he knows all parts of Baikal very well.

15 November, 2011

I've just added customer reviews on website. If you took part in our trekking tour, feel free to send us a review and I will post them on reviews page. With best regards, Evgeny

2 November, 2011

First tours for summer 2012 are developed! Trekking to Kuznetsk Alatau mountains in June, trekking in West Sayan (Aradan ridge) in July and camping at West Sayan on border of Khakassia and Tuva.

4 September, 2011

All our summer tours are completed, and now it's time to summarize. The weather was much better than summer 2010, and there were very few mosquitoes. Hope all our visitors have good experience in Russia.


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