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Welcome to Siberia!

We invite you to visit the largest country with stunning landscapes.

Why travel with us?

  • It's fun! We endeavour to arrange our trips as fun and interesting adventure.
  • It's safe. We know the country and we're making an effort to ensure your safety.
  • It's unique. Most of our trips are located in crowd-free places.
  • It's affordable. We arrange tours by ourselves.

Our mission is to provide breathtaking tours to Siberia, available to all people from over the world!

Customer reviews

The trips arranged by Siberia Trekking provide the opportunity for hikers to enjoy outstanding natural areas and the companionship of the other members of their party. They are not strongly regimented and so hikers also have the opportunity to explore their abilities and improve their outdoor skills.

As a team, hikers support each other. There is also the expectation that all hikers will assist with setting up of camp and preparation of meals.

Walks are undertaken on mountain trails which receive minimum maintenance and sometimes rough and on unstable slopes.

Older hikers should have the strength and balance to allow you to ascend and descent steep hills, traverse boulder fields and cross mountain streams. Previous experience in this type of walking is highly desirable


12 July, 2019

Trekking season is going on. We've finished trekking tours to Kuznetsk Alatau and Ergaki nature park in southern Siberia. Trip reports will be published later.

21 May, 2019

Our first birdwatching tour to Altai mountains has been completed successfully. Welcome to read trip review.

15 March, 2019

Pictures from ski tour trip to Siberia will be available soon.
We are heading towards world deepest lake in search of ice.

1 January, 2019
Sheregesh ski trip report

17 December, 2018

Season 2019 is getting close. Check our schedule for next year:)

25 October, 2018

Instagram account has been launched. Welcome to follow us with tags: @siberia_trekking, #siberiatrekking

25 September, 2018

We have uploaded pictures of summer trekking tours

Responsive image

Kamchatka trekking highlights

Responsive image

Kamchatka trip to Mutnovskiy volcanoe and Pacific ocean

Responsive image

Trip report to Altai mountains, Belukha circle

Responsive image

Ergaki trekking. There are few pictures due to rainy weather.

22 August, 2018

Puctures of trekking to Kuznetsk Alatau and Altai have been publushed. You are welcome to take a look into summer trekking holiday experience in Russia.

Responsive image

Responsive image

11 May, 2018

It's busy time of planning summer tours. We will arrange short trip to famous place located in Western Sayan mountains - Ergaki nature park in dates 20-26 July. It is very picturesque destination with variety of landscapes and plants on fairly small area

Responsive image
2 April, 2018

Short trip to Baikal lake is finished and we want to share pictures with you. March is nice time to visit Baikal because it is warm enough to walk and cold to do ice skating

Trip was arringed to two parts. First is Taltsy museum and Listvianka village. Second part is Olkhon island in the middle of Baikal lake. This area is almost snow free, and views are just magnificient

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Summer tours are in booking process

26 January, 2018

Summer tours are published, welcome to join

We are happy to announce our special tour of the year - Trekking to Kamchatka , land of bears and volcanoes

Trekking tour to Kamchatka

Trekking tour to Kamchatka

Trekking tour to Kamchatka

2 January, 2018

Happy new year!

Hope you had nice experience in 2017 and we wish you exciting adventures in 2018

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We've returned from Baikal lake and we invite you to watch photographs.

3 October, 2017
Responsive image Short trip report of trekking tour to Kamchatka, Tolbachik area, September 2017

28 August, 2017
Responsive image

Welcome to watch pictures of trekking tour to Belukha mountain 2017

24 August, 2017
Responsive image

Photographs of trekking tour to Shavla lake in July 2017

17 May, 2017
Responsive image

Short bike trip to Altai mountains in May

27 February, 2017
Ski trip to Kuznetsk Alatau has been completed. Due to heavy snowfalls we didn't manage many ski runs, but anyway it was very fun.

Kuznetsk Alatau trekking tour

5 January, 2017

Happy new year, dear hikers

We wish you exciting and safe trips in 2017

Winter is full of snow in Siberia. We enjoyed a lots during ski trips, and temperature is comfortable enough.

30 October, 2016

Winter is coming in Siberia. It is nice time for mountain skiing, snowshoes and ski touring.
Video made with footage of backcountry skiing in March 2016

March is best month for backcountry. Snow is dry and soft, daytime is long enough. We had temperature varied of -20..-25 during the night, and about -5 celsius during the day.

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