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Altai tour in September 2023

Viewpoint to Chuya river and North-Chuensis mountain ridge

September is a nice time to visit Altai mountains. Colours are changing to white and red, and fresh snow is paiting mountains with white caps. There are no crowds and all viewpoints can be visited in calm pace.

During this tour we made a two stops. First one was in Katun valley near Inegen village, which is quite secluded place. We did a short hiking along the river. There are many birds of prey in that place

We saw several lammergeiers (bearded vulture), a young golden eagle and many black vultures.

Then we moved along the "Chuyskiy trakt" road to Kurai village and made a camp nearby. This place is nice to watch white mountains of North-Chuensis ridge. Weather was unpredictable. There were short rains and on top of the mountains snow was falling.

Chuya river in autumn colors

Geyser lake

Mountain top on left side is Aktru (4044m)

Katun river in September

Lammergeier (Bearded vulture), Gypaetus barbatus

Young golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)

Black vultures are soaring

Golden eagle

Golden eagle

Golden eagle

Nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes)

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