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Trekking to Khakassia 2014 siberiatrekking participants
Two groups at Pozarym lake, Khakassia 2014.
Russia, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belarus.
Altai 2013 siberiatrekking participants
Group of Israeli participants of trekking tour to Altai 2013.
Chaggai, leader of group from Israel:
Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for what was an amazing experience both for me and for everyone else who was on the trip. The places we visited and the experiences we shared will last us all a life time. Thank you.

Khakassia-Tuva 2012 participans.

Ergaki 2012 participans.

Tom Carter, UK about trekking tour to Khakassia 2014

Hi Evgeny, Hope you are well.
I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year and to say thank you again for the trekking in the summer. For me, It was a really unique experience, far removed from my everyday life, and something I have very strong memories of. Thank you again and best of luck in the future.
Kind regards,

Elizaveta Gutkevich, Russia about trekking tour to Khakassia-Tuva 2012

It was an amazing start in backpacking )) I'm still under the impression of going out into the mountains! Now it's clear that I'll be going with friends to such places at least once a year. Now I'm accumulating desire to see snow fields and blossoming fields:-)
Many thanks to organisers and participans!

Gerret Apelt, Germany about trekking tour to Tuva 2011

I took part in Evgeny's 10-day backpacking trip to Tuva in August 2011. This was my first time ever to visit Russia, and an unforgettable experience.

The logistics were expertly organized. I felt at all times that I was in good hands, everything was taken care of. The equipment I rented (backpack, sleeping bag and tent) was new, warm and high quality. From the point when I was picked up at the bus terminal, to the point when I was put on a train back to Krasnoyarsk, all I had to do was lean back and lend a hand whenever I could help. This worked out great as I do did not have a lot of backpacking experience before going on this trip.

We were "off the grid" for the better part of 10 days in a magical forest-, mountain- and taiga setting. Each day our group of eight walked between 6 and 20km. We made camp at night and I always slept like a rock after a very full day outdoors. On this trip, I was the only non-Russian participant, and I do not speak Russian. However this turned out not to be an issue. I learnt some basic Russian (stuff like "food", "bear poo", "ants" etc), most of the others spoke some English, and between that and pantomiming we were able to communicate really well.

The two best things about this trip were being so intimately part of the majestic wilderness, and the camaraderie with my new Russian friends.

Evgeniya Normark, Russia about trekking tour to Tuva 2011

Admirable places, picturesque views, forests, mountains, streams, wild nature ... If you want to hide from civilization, this trekking is for you. This was a perfect expirience for me and challenge as well. The trekking is not difficult from the "technical" point of view. Nevertheless you should be honest with yourself about your health and good shape. The backpack is heavy and you have to carry it across country for nine days (up and down the hills, mountains, through the forest). I was rather careless before the start of the trekking and soon I realized that it was not so easy for me as I had not been doing any sport activities for several years.

Fortunately the guide and other people in the group were very friendly and absolutely helpful. The guide knows the route very well and pays attention to the needs of each member of the group.

This trekking is absolutely recommended. But please do not forget that it's not a luxury trip :) Take good gear (Evgeniy can advise you on it), energy snacks, first aid box and do not forget that there's no mobile communication during the trekking as well as other "blessing of civilization". Enjoy!!!

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