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Altai birdwatching

Dates: 2-8 May 2022
(per person)
350 €
accommodations - lodges
meals in lodge
Excludes:visa issues, flights, meals in cafe
accommodation in Barnaul
personal expenses
Length: 1400km by car, 40km on foot
Start from Tomsk

Birdwatching tour to Altai mountains allows us to enjoy picturesque surroundings with birding activities.

There are mountain ranges with altitudes of 2000-4000 meters. We will see different landscapes - forests, steppes, semi-deserted areas and snow-capped mountains.

Hiking distances are roughly 10-15km per day.

Our birding trip to Altai in May

List of equipment
- trekking shoes
- rain jacket, pants, fleece pullover, thermal underwear, socks (2 pairs of cotton and 1 pairs of warm trekking socks), cap, raincoat
- the dishes (mug, spoon, bowl and knife)
- forehead lamp
- matches, personal first-aid kit, dental paste with tooth brush, tissue

day description km
1 Tomsk - Barnaul. Pine forests and fields. There are common jay, tree sparrows, bluefinch. 320
2 Barnaul - Onguday. Fields, poplar forests, mountains covered with coniferous forest. Road is stretched along blue-green Katun river. 270
3 Onguday - Aktash. Variety of mountain views, crossing two passes. Points of interest: confluence of Chuya and Katun rivers, White Bom mountain. North-Chuensis mountain range towers just near the road with highest poing of Aktru (4044m) 60
4 Aktash - Kosh-Agach - Beltyr. Impressive views of South-Chuensis range. We will set up a camp into valley of Chagan-Uzun river with tent with stove. 110
5 Beltyr area - Kosh Agach - Onguday. Vast open areas of Chuya steppe with mountains in the background. 150
6 Onguday - Barnaul. 600
7 Barnaul-Tomsk.


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